Greenpack has been a leader in the contract packaging of products in water-soluble films since 1993, then as the packaging arm of Greensol. The first products packaged included Agrochemical products. Since that start, our know/how and experience has evolved and we now package a wide variety of different products and applications, with new ones constantly in development.

In March 2004, Greenpack spun-off from Greensol and was created by Christian Jouffreau, the Technical Director. By retaining the staff, equipment, and experience, Greenpack has been able to specialize in packaging and provide the expert service that you require.

   We package a variety of products for applications such as:

 Laundry and general, detergents
 Disinfectants, Sanitizers and deodorizers
 Enzymatic septic system treatments
 Bactericides, biocides
 Concrete additives
 Super absorbents
 Pesticides for the garden
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Greenpack vous propose le conditionnement à façon sous film hydrosoluble, film soluble dans l’eau, pour des applications telles que la lessive et détergence, le traitement des eaux, les adjuvants bétons, les produits absorbants, les bactéricides, les produits phytosanitaires. ..